Frequently asked questions

Who/ What is 1 Percent Collective?

That's a perfectly good first question! At 1 Percent Collective, we believe what you do every day determines who you are any day – that’s the (not so) secret of success! We are all about learning for life and making you fall in love with learning. In order to do so, we have created an environment so you can have fun learning every day. To find out more, check out our 'About' page!

Who is the founder of 1 Percent Collective?

Konnichiwa, my name is Donna Lee and I founded the company in 2020, over dinner and drinks with a group of friends. The topic came about because I too, found myself wanting to learn new languages or new interests however, being a working adult (boo) meant less time for learning and realized that most language centres believe in long hours and even longer course terms. Through that, we developed 1% as we believe that all it takes is 1% a day to just be 1% better.

Who is my Japanese Teacher?

We are extremely proud to introduce, Azusa Akima. She is a native Japanese tutor with qualifications in teaching Japanese and English as a foreign language. With over 5 years of experience teaching English to teenagers in a public school in Japan and a private school in Singapore, She is ready to begin the 1% journey in learning Japanese with you. She is also qualified in Japanese calligraphy so if you have any hiccups with your Hiragana or Kanji, you know we've got your back!

How much are your courses?

Our regular course fees are $450 for 12 lessons BUT please refer to our Price list for the full pricing schedule. We provide different rates for online only, off peak access, etc. And don’t forget to check out our IG and website regularly for ongoing promotions, we might be feeling just that extra generous!

How do I pay for the course fees?

Payment can be done via online bank transfer at least 14 days before the start of the new term. If you join an ongoing class, payment shall be done at least 14 days before the start of your first lesson if you join an ongoing term, or 14 days before the start of the new term, whichever applicable.

Apart from the course fees, are there additional fees that I will incur?

The material fees for all events and Playbook (our equivalent of textbook) are all included in the course fee. There is no membership fee, no GST or any add-ons. The only fee we do collect is a $10 printing fee if you’ll like to have a printed and binded copy of the Playbook. Mostly we encourage everyone to save the earth and go for the digital version but if you need a hardcopy, just let us know.

Will any materials be provided? Soft and or hard copies?

A softcopy of the 1% Playbook (traditionally known as textbook) will be provided to each student during sign-up. A hardcopy of the 1% Playbook is available for $10.

How do I register for a course? What if I don’t know which level I fall into?

If you know which level you want to start from, go ahead and select the course at the desired time and date. If you’re unsure which level you should be, try our placement test or drop us an email. We’ll provide recommendations on the most appropriate level.

How many lessons are there in 1 block/term? And what is the duration of each lesson?

There are 12 lessons per block, carried out weekly over a 3 months period. Each lesson is 1.5 hours. Of the 12 lessons, there will be one dedicated to an event and another to Terakoya along with your Mr. Miyagi for review

Can I join an ongoing class instead of waiting for a new term to start?

Yes, you can refer to the Course outline for more information on how our course levels compare to when you can start going for JLPT.

However our philosophy is that learning a language is not about passing an exam, it’s much more important to love the language, understand the culture and be able to apply it in your daily life.

Remember “Rome is not built in one day” and it’s the 1 Percent daily effort you put in that makes all the difference. Plus we believe that “All work and no play makes John/Jane plain”, let’s indulge in the spirit of fun in our learning #easydoesit

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Yes, there will be recordings available for those who miss their classes.

What would be the teacher to student ratio?

The typical teacher to student ratio will be 1:10 for our regular lessons. However, since we are only able to provide online only lessons during this Covid period, we have adjusted our ratio to 1:8. We will start the class with a minimum of 6 students and cap the maximum capacity at 10 students.

Would there be a completion certificate provided?

Yes, we know everyone likes to have something to show for all their effort. We’ll issue a certificate of completion when you’ve completed your course with a minimum attendance of 80%. We also provide awards for challenges/events and also the most conscientious student who has achieved the highest scores for their 1 Percent Groove (homework).

Is there a targeted age range of the students?

We don’t have a hard limit on age but we think the 1% course is suitable for anyone from the age of 12 onwards. If you have younger kids who are keen to learn, please drop us a note and we can arrange accordingly.

What is your refund/exchange policy?

For every registration, you are required to place a non-refundable $50 down payment. After you have made full payment and would like to cancel your course package, this has to be done 1 week before the start of your first class and the remaining payment of the course will be refunded to you.